Quantifying The Impact of Social Media Upon Brand Awareness

When measuring the impact of social media activities on developing Brand Awareness, a true measurement extends beyond the number of Likes or followers and takes into consideration engagement, influence and conversions generated. Continue reading

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Isn’t All Social Media the Same?

An article on branding strategy for Google+ running on Mashable states “You should not assume that your Facebook fans and your Google+ followers are the same people ” – a very interesting, if not commonly understood point that extends to all social media platforms.    Continue reading

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The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media

It’s a given that social media can play a critical role in developing any business’ visibility, but using it without understanding the inherent risks or observing the boundaries between business and personal can be very dangerous. Continue reading

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet, That is the Question.

It doesn’t take much effort to find more information than you need or want to hear in any given Twitter stream.  Give some folks a keyboard and pretty much anything can happen. With social networking becoming a social norm, repercussions of unwise tweeting can be a big deal – especially for businesses. 

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It’s Not Always About Your Browser

You may be surprised to learn that not all browsers are the same.  At one time, Internet Explorer was the be be-all-and-end-all of browers.  Current browser trends show that is no longer the case.  Whether you are business owner contemplating a new or redesigned site, understanding a little bit about browsers & browser trends can help ensure you get the best web design possible. 

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