When It Comes to Search Engine Optimization, Titles Aren’t Just for Royalty

The humble page title.  It doesn’t seem very important at first glance, but when building sites with search engine optimization in mind, titles count.

The page title is part of meta-tagging.   This tagging is the part of web code visible to search engine spiders alone, however, a page title will appear in the upper left corner of a browser for your visitors as well.

So, it’s fine and good that spiders and people can see a page title, but why does it matter?

Since page titles are one of the first things noticed by search engines, they are part of the overall ‘picture’ of your site, and they effect the content of your search engine listing.  If no page title is assigned, or every page has the same title, an opportunity to show that a page is relevant to your targeted keywords lost.  Since the overriding goal of the seo process is to establish keyword relevance, making sure each page in your website carries a unique, descriptive, accurate title is worth the effort.

By the same token, page titles that go on and on defeat the purpose.  Titles should be roughly 10 words in length.   Targeted keywords should be included, and the closer they appear to the beginning of your title, the greater weight those keywords are given during spidering.

A common practice in titling is to include your company name or to use it alone as the title.  As an optimization practice, this has pros and cons.  If your company name includes terms you target, this can be beneficial.  Our sister company, Advanced Digital Replication, for example, provides digital replication services so the company name is descriptive and relevant for keywording.  If this relevance is not reflected in your company name, you may be better of excluding it from web page titles.

For companies throughout the nation and locally in Boston, search engine optimization means taking every opportunity to present a search engine-friendly web design.  Paying attention to your site’s page titles really does matter.

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