Deciding Where To Place Navigation Systems

Effective use and placement of navigation is an important aspect the Boston web design process.  Visitors should easily understand how to move about your site.  This requires clearly identifiable navigation systems.  The better designed these systems, the more likely you will retain your traffic, and better yet, engage your vistors.

There are a few option from which to choose when considering your site’s navigation.

Horizontal navigation is popular as it is often placed after the header as a primary menu.  The header is usually the first aspect of the website that people see and placing the menu below creates an easy transition into the navigation for the site.  The main sections of the site should be placed within the primary menu.  The secondary menu is usually placed above the header and will include pages such as “Home”, “About” and “Contact Us”.

Vertical menus are also popular and usually appear on the left side of the website.  Vertical navigation is usually used as a stand alone menu meaning that all of the links are included without a secondary navigation system.  However, there are times when you might want to consider using a secondary navigation menu.  These secondary menus are usually horizontal based to include the “Home”, “About” and “Contact Us” links.

When choosing a Boston web design firm, be sure they understand the importance of properly placed navigation systems!  It can absolutely change the success of your web design in Boston.

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