The web design balancing act – impact versus visability

A visually-appealing site that includes engaging graphics and slick effects can make a strong impression on potential customers.  By far, the best web design tool for building this is Flash.  Before partnering with a Boston web designer to create a Flash-driven site, however, there are some pretty significant pitfalls you should know, otherwise your cutting-edge design could leave you stranded with little or no search engine visiblity.

The benefits of a Flash web design

  • High impact effects
  • Simple mechanism to focus and control visitor’s attention
  • Greater design freedom within the framework of your layout

The drawbacks of a Flash web design

  • Blocked or severely hindered indexability – Unfortunately, it is still the case that most search engine spiders either cannot index the content of a Flash-based website at all, or are severely limited in the information they can pick up.  This in turn will effect the quality and content of your site’s listing in search engine result pages (SERPs) – if your site shows up at all.
  • Lack of unique information – Websites constructed entirely from Flash do not generate a unique URL, title, description or keywords for each page.  As a result, even if the site is crawled by a spider that can pick up the most rudimentary information, the details will be severely limited.  Critical information, such as services offered, may never been seen by the spiders or appear on the search engine results pages.

Balancing impact and search engine optimization

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice visual impact for search engine optimization.  There are Flash tools and coding techniques for harnessing the engaging elements of Flash while building a site that can be effectively crawled by spiders.

When considering web designers in Boston, keep in mind that partnering with a provider fluent in both Flash design and search engine optimization can mean the difference between a gorgeous site that works for your business and a gorgeous site that no one knows about.

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