Twitter Guidelines for Business

Why Get on Twitter in the First Place?

Twitter is one of the most widely used social networking sites. For a business of any size it can be leveraged to attract traffic to your website and bring customers to your door. The key to getting results from this form of social networking is understanding how to use Twitter properly.

What to Tweet Once You’re There:

Remember that every tweet can only be up to 140 characters, including spaces and a URL. This means you must distill your tweets down to just the most vital information while being as engaging as possible- no easy task.

Before posting, it is important to understand that every tweet is the digital equivalent of making a first impression with a potential customer. This means your social networking efforts represent your company, not you as an individual, so keep the message professional, informative, relevant and useful.

Top 5 Rules of Tweeting for Business :

1. Avoid the sales pitch - Twitter is for social networking, not an advertising forum. The hard sell angle will not boost your customer base or allow you to reach new clients. Social networking is not about talking at people.

2. Remember Twitter is a conversational forum - It’s all about participation. Ask and answer questions of your followers. Share community information that would be of interest to your customers. Ask for input.

3. Avoid making it about you. - This is a common pitfall for many. Despite the conversational format of Twitter, businesses using this form of social networking should avoid tweeting messages of a personal nature. If you would not say something in person when meeting a potential client there is no reason to post it on your Twitter stream. Remember your tweets are your business’ public image.

4. Position your company as a source of valuable information - Provide information relevant to your business or industry that is of interest to your target market. Essentially, you are engaging customers as a resource for what they need without a barrage of advertising. A business that sells organic cotton clothing for kids could tweet studies or news articles that discuss the impact of chemicals on children’s development, for example.

5. Engage your followers - Tweets should generate interest in your business and motivate people to become customers.

About the Author : Emily Bravman is writer for Advanced Digital Websites, Inc.; a Boston search engine optimization and web design firm specializing in custom SEO solutions for business.